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Elementary School

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The early years of your child’s education will build his or her foundation for lifelong learning. As a parent, you want them to be successful in school, discover their place in God’s world, and develop strong character. At the same time, you want to preserve their childhood and make sure they have time to enjoy simply being a kid. Everything we do in grades 1-5 at The Christian Academy is designed to support these goals.

Strong Academic Foundation

We use a research-based approach to teaching and learning, which allows elementary schoolers to engage in hands-on projects across core subject areas. Our experienced educators understand that no two children learn at the same pace and take the time to meet students where they are. Small class sizes allow for a great deal of individualized attention, ensuring a deeper understanding of the curriculum.

Enriching Experiences

In addition to the core curriculum, students enjoy a variety of enrichment classes every week. These include music, art, library, and gym. During these periods, students discover their unique gifts and talents.

Elementary students can engage in the following opportunites:

  • Weekly Chapels
  • Intramural sports starting in 4th grade
  • Periodically offered after-school programs such as Drama Kids and Soccer Shots. 
  • IHOP Reading Enrichment Program
  • Advanced Placement for Math starting in 3rd grade
  • Peer mentoring program

Relationship-Centered Approach

At TCA, our priority, during the formative years of elementary school, is to help our students develop strong social and emotional skills that will benefit them through adulthood. In a technology driven society, we like to help our students learn a balance with screen time while curating activities that prioritize human connection. We find that students learn best working collaboratively with their peers, being mentored by their teachers, and having the opportunity to learn alongside positive role models. 

Debbie Dutton

PK-12 Principal, Elementary Lead

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